Thursday, 23 August 2007


This was our final stop on this trip. We have travelled from Marseilles to Orange to Perpignan and Barcelona. Then to Valencia where we stayed for nearly 2 weeks, from there we took a train to Madrid. The train passes through agricultural areas mainly where they grow oranges and olives. Some of the land is used for environmental purposes with wind farms and solar panel farms. We particularly enjoyed it because we travelled 1st class with champagne and wine and a very good meal, time flies.
We booked accomodation through Ryanair and were amazed at how good value it was. The apartment was massive and in a very chic area near the Prado museum. Less than 60 euros per night for 2. We had a suite with a huge balcony with its own plunge pool too. Downstairs there was a restaurant with lots of tapas and lunch time meal for 10 euros. We visited the Prado to see the Goya paintings.

We found a fantastic place to eat at the cultural centre. It is very grandiose with excellent service. 3 courses there including a very good bottle of red just 24 euros.

I dont know if they made a mistake!

We really loved Madrid and will be going back soon to watch Real Madrid play if possible.

Some exotic features of the cultural centre.

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