Monday, 6 August 2007

Boscombe market

I rarely go to supermarkets and cannot think of many more boring things than going there with a list.

Much better to shop locally and I really like Boscombe market where you can get:

Blatant rip off designer sunglasses for a Fiver

Kalamata olives and other mediteranean delicacies

Cheery Dean on the old Fruit and Veg stall. Get 4big bags of fresh things for a tenner.

I also bought a fresh crab and we had Crab salad, pasta with fresh tomato and garlic sauce, rice with mushroom and prawns in a creamy sauce, avocado and olive salad, loads of plums and melon.

Boscombe also has some lovely cafes to go to, the new opera house and an art gallery has just opened.

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Lisa said...

Is Dean the most blogged about market boy?