Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The Kite Runner The film

The film of the Kite Runner was due out in November and I was really looking forward to its release but it seems it will be delayed now until December due to the actors involved in the rape scene being afraid to continue to live in Afghanistan. Luckily for them Paramount is taking them away from Afghanistan and they will be supported until they reach adulthood at a cost to them of half a million dollars. As the boys only received about $10 000 for their acting part and the film has cost millions and no doubt will reap an absolute fortune I think that Paramount is doing the decent thing in this case. I can't wait to see it.

The latest book by Khaled Houssani is remarkable too.
I have finished reading this book which is really amazing. It is the story of 2 boys growing up in Afghanistan, one the master´s son and the other the servant´s boy. The story is very sad and moving and I would really recommend reading it. If you want to borrow the book just let me know.

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