Sunday, 6 February 2011

Getting materials

The problem in Luxor is that the imported items are very very dated - see example of the 70s corner bath.  So we have tried to source everything we can from artisans who make everything locally.  The metal worker is a great example.  He has made a beautiful gate, in a traditional style and is now working on a 4 poster bed, as big as possible.

He is also making all the metal work for the balconies.

Labour here is very cheap.  I am embarrassed to say it is just £10 per day.  But we employ several people at any time.  It gives everyone something and hopefully if we continue with this work on other properties they can be kept in employment.  The worker carrying the sack of sand has 9 children, so I can imagine how hard life is for him and his wife, especially if there is no work.


Since coming to Luxor, along with my new husband we have bought the lease on a property in television street. We are refurbishing it and trying our best to use local labour, artisans and materials. We felt it was important to give as much work as possible to local people and use as few imported items as we could. Not only would this give the appartments and authentic Egyptian look but also give much needed money to local people.