Sunday, 22 July 2007

Viareggio is horrible

I am sure there must be some nice places in and around Viareggio but we have not had the pleasure of them. We thought we might stop off at Viareggio for a night on the way back from Florence. It was a hot day and the receptionist at the tourist info said that hotel agency was on the way to the beach Hamid was sweating in the heat, what with carrying the suitcases and all. It was very difficult for me to assist a I had to carry my handbag. The agency was closed anyway and there was no place to stay,we did find a great restaurant where we had lovely risotto and wine - it was opposite the railway station from where we whisked ourselves away to Luca - a much more civilised town. Viareggio is very similar to Blackpool but hotter.

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