Thursday, 26 July 2007

Die Hard 4 or Where's your lollipop Kojak?

At a loose end last night even after going to the gym and thought I would see what films are on. The only one available was Die Hard 4 - not the usual genre of film I enjoy but I thought I would see anyway. Judging by the number of men in the room it looked like a blokes action film and I am sure they were not disappointed.

The movie is based around a big hub of computers that organise everything in the US including transport, power, aircraft - the lot and devious foreigners are trying to sabotage it all. Luckily for the Americans NYPD 'Bruce Willis' comes to the rescue along with a genius hacker side kick. Bruce is looking worrying like Kojak in this latest Die Hard blockbuster, however for a man in his 50s he's doing alright. Bruce gets the better of the hoods at every stage, even if they do have massive automatic weapons, helicopters and a nasty kung fu bitch that will kick to the death. The fight in the lift shaft was gripping but there is only so much of that I can take. To be honest I didnt see it all and got bored with all the crashes and explosions but I am sure Brucy won the day.

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