Friday, 27 July 2007

The Shah of Iran

The Shah of Shas by Ryzyard Kapucinski - one of my favourate writers.

No doubt he had plenty of supporters and still there must be many 'Persians' mourning the 'Good old days' of the Shah. Rich from oil revenue - £20 Billion per year a the time - this guy squandered much of it on his loyal friends and playboy lifestyle whilst the rest of the country lived in poverty, they thought nothing of chartering a plane every single day to transport his loyal supporters to have lunch in Europe or bring in the whole brigade of chefs from Maxims in Paris to cook lunch for those too tired for the journey. Stories such as his expenditure on arms highlight what a big kid the man was, wanting to have the 3rd biggest army in the world. Why? For his own ego of course. Is it any wonder that the Shia population felt bitter and revolted bringing in the crazy Ayatollahs - whoops I feel a Fatwa coming on. About time we had more women in positions of power throughout the world I think.
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