Monday, 16 March 2009

The fall of the peacock throne

I dont often go to see plays but I really wanted to see this one having read about this particular piece of history.

Based in Iran it tells the story of the doomed window of democracy the country had back in 1953. More than this is also tells of how the West ie USA and UK are able to blackmail weaker countries into having to give up their rights. From what I have already read, I found this portrayal to be accurate and this is not surprising since the writer was assisted by the grandson of the former Prime minister, who was imprisoned by the end of the production.

I liked the main story but as they decided to run it alongside another tale about Alexander and Darius and the actors played up to 3 parts each it sometimes became a bit confusing. If it were not that I knew

The play was very well acted by all the partipants. I liked the fact that we were almost part of the stage. I like the location, the train running over the bridge added to the grittiness of the production. It was like a hidden secret with only a dozen of us in the audience witnessing this play. Very well done.

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