Saturday, 27 October 2007

Dubai - kitchy kitchy

After landing in Dubai we had the awful news of a 5 hour flight delay - we decided to leave the airport and take the opportunity of looking around Dubai. It is surprisingly gross and nothing like the pictures. A lot of the buildings look quite isolated, there are no people around, building is going on everywhere, it is too hot. I have made a list of the most kitch things I could find,bearing in mind we only had 2 hours.

At 4th place, the soon to be tallest building in the world which looks like something long demolished in the UK. Maybe it will look better when it is finished.

This forty foot hand holding a mobile phone - some people love it - perhaps its a work of art

This snow storm is fairly kitch but I quite like it really.

These painting were in a fake medina built to look like an old souk. They are paintings of sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum - the ruler of Dubai and the man behind all the construction work going on. Perhaps he is doing a good job, who knows. These paintings are quite funny though, cant imaging who would buy them or who would have painted them. I think they are a winner.

Here is the proof we have been in Dubai

We were surprised to see these 2 gents in Dubai airport, however it is a man looking after his very elderly father - ahhh!!

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