Monday, 24 September 2007

The feminine feminist

A recent survey has shown that in the UK girls under 25 are now earning more than boys of the same age. In medical schools the proportion of girls are now higher than men. Girls are generally more successful in education aside from maths and it seems that even in countries where women are considered to be repressed the girls will still take advantage of every opportunity and outshine the men. In Iran for example the majority of engineers are now ladies.We are seeing a possible lady president in the running for the US. Germany has a female president who appears to be doing a competent job. Liberia has at long last got a stable government and hey guess what? It is run by a woman.I do not think that it is that likely that these young people are going to shift position and the probability is a future where women are in more positions of authority. At long last effective contraception has ensured that women do not have to look forward to a life of drudgery and now have the courage to strike out on their own without the yoke of traditional values to carry.But oh dear what is going to happen to those middle aged menfolk we see frequenting the bars and restaurants for their boozy 'business' lunches and the same people who indulge in the old golf course challenge in the middle of the working week. I believe a lot of golf courses will go out of business alongside the traditional lunchtime boozer. Why is it only men that 'have to 'conduct their business dealings in this manner? Can anyone imagine the women of the future carrying on like that ?- oh no of course not they are too busy working and overtaking these tired old soaks. A woman knows that her client is too busy for such nonsense and although she may well visit her customer she ties all the business up in no time leaving everyone free to get home and have a proper meal with their family, suits everyone all round.What I find amusing about the old business bender is that:1. Business is never discussed - that would be rude wouldn't it
2. It's the same old friendly clients that are taken out to eat - so no new business development there
3. The game of golf is just as bad after all what would you do if your client cannot play - drop him?
4. How on earth can women join in on all of this without seeming like a complete tart and upsetting her boyfriend/husband by coming home smelling of drink after having lunch with some old guy she knows and has to butter up?No no no it just won't work.
The business lunch and round of golf will soon go the way of Top hats and tails for the office. Business will become hyper efficient and all concerned will have time for the important things in life - making money, our loved ones and enjoying ourselves with the people we really want to be with.

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