Friday, 27 February 2009

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Opera Snobs at the new production of La Boheme

I was lucky to have got tickets for the opening night of Jonathon Millers new production of Puccini's La Boheme at the Colosseum. Broadcast live for the first time on Sky TV from a packed house.

I thought it was a wonderful production particularly the first Act where Alfie Boe and Melody Moore sang those famous arias so movingly. The set was fantastic, almost like an old film of the 30's with an alley between the Parisian cafes setting the scene.

Why do critics have to be so horrible about such an immense achievement as this? It was almost as if the whole production was a disaster when I read some of the write ups the following day. Not to mention member of the audience who make such snobby comments such as 'Terribly under directed in my opinion'. Get a life some of you mealy mouthed people, stop criticising unless you personally can do a whole lot better.

I loved it and am sure most of the audience and viewers of Sky TV arts did too. Stand up for the ENO and the whole production team and singers who did a fantastic job on the best opera.

British museum Nebamin Collection

It was thrilling to see the newly opened Nebamin Tomb paintings in Room 61 at the British Museum. Recent conservation work on them shows remarkable detail and has brought out the true beauty of these amazing works of art.

Hard to believe the paintings are 3500 years old. Animals, dancers and fantastic details of Egyption life.

Do go if you can. It is free entry and very exciting to see.